Petersfield Town hall

4 February, 2012Leave a reply

Fire exit - before and after

NB Paint provided an extremely High Standard of workmanship while decorating the outside of the Town and Festival Halls overcoming potential problems such as rotten doors and sills as they went – all for a very competitive price. Barry and his team were polite and helpful throughout the project keeping any disruption to a minimum and ensuring that none of the business which the building houses were affected

Jonathan Tucker, Petersfield Town Council

We submitted a detailed tender for the decoration of Petersfield Town Hall and won the contract.

Much of the exterior was in poor condition, and as well as regular walls and doors there were many unusual elements (fire escapes, canopy, heating ducts) which required remedial work and stabilisation before the specified finish could be applied.

Of course, jobs of this profile require the strictest attention to detail in all areas: safe scaffolding and work areas around entrances, environmental impact assessment, durability of finish (etc.) all of which were considered and included in the original tender.

Inevitably, additional small problems were picked up when working at height (re-pointing, replacement carpentry, window sealing). Our experience with these sort of problems mean that they can be addressed quickly with minimal impact on the agreed schedule.

We completed the job on schedule and to budget and resulted in bringing back a quality finish to a high-profile premises.